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It’s happening – get over it.

I’d have a few concerns about the WRC myself but the positives far outweigh the negatives. It will transform movement between population centres on the western seaboard. Unfortunately, Cute Panda, with your “funny” comments about priests/our lady/knock etc it would appear that you simply have a chip on your shoulder that something/anything to do with infrastructural development is hapening in the west. The only reason it’s happening prior to many other nescessary schemes around the country is that the level of work required is relatively minimal.

It is happening faster than other projects, because, as with Shannon Airport, the political muscle in “the West” is far better organised and better flexed than elsewhere in the country. The Cork – Midleton railway is being done an the previous alignment, similar to the WRC, yet we’ve seen teh Government announce the project ad nauseum for the last 5 years and it still won’t be done until late next year.

The relevant authorities don’t tend to prioritise projects on ease of delivery, they go on what is possible within the budget allocation. The WRC will cost in the region of €600-700m all in when it’s finished so the pressure was applied to get the wheels rolling as it were.

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