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On the topic of bringing roads in on time and on budget, you’ll notice now they all are. That’s easy, and is simply the result of getting smart, ie. when announcing the project, add a hefty contingency amount and add 3/6 months to what you think it will take to do it….and hey presto we have a road on time and on budget. It’s cynical spin again from a Government that excels at it.

True. However i would contend that actual construction has been relatively quick – for any country to construct the bulk of its motorway network in a 6 year time frame has to be seen as a reasonable achievement, in terms of road building.

More appropraitely the Government should be blamed for pissing about and then shelving the critical infrastructure bill when we really needed it, the protracted planning process is the real reason for the delay.

Of course T21 is heavily weighted in favour of roads and with the gov hell bent against borrowing, until they were forced to, it does seem that roads are granted massive funds, and that it is at the expense of rail. A motorway network between dublin & the major centres is a basic necessity imo, however, with a midget national debt of 37bn, we could have transformed both the rail & road networks in tandem.

Why the delay with Navan, why is it that rail projects are phased in to oblivion, just borrow the damn money, get on with building it & build the lot of it.

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