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Dec you are correct Aer Lingus continue to behave like a flag carrier and throw good money after bad on cargo activities despite the positive changes they are making elsewhere in their passenger operations which will in tim get their P & L account back on track.

I had a good look at air cargo at Dublin Airport a few years back and the talk at Aer Lingus at the time was that it was something that they would be out of by 2008 due to their market share collapsing to levels that made turning planes around quickly a bigger objective.

In 2005 they carried 21,100 Tonnes or 525 truck loads annually on their entire network.

At page 9

By 2008 thay had collapsed to 11,825 Tonnes or 296 truck loads.

(At page 4)

At the rate of decline between 2005 – 2008; the total cargo carried will be 6,659 tonnes by 2011 which is split across 4 airports with Shannon probably having the largest share once they keep a transatlantic service. Changes in supply chain mean that most consumers of Air Freight now have a global intergrated supply chain management contract with a major supplier such as DHL, UPS or FedEx; Air-Freight really only works on long haul between hub airports with the cargo trucked from say Cork to Paris and flown from there to say Caracas. If air freight is perceived as important surely developing the Harristown fringe with seperate run-way access for the major players such as FedEx and DHL who have their own planes would be the way forward

Looking at Dublin Airport post T2 is it fair to assume that the flag carriers will be using T2 in the main and the low cost carriers the existing facilities? Terminal 2 looks very good and no doubt will be central to the next 20-30 years at Dublin Airport

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