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It would be possible for the Derry motorway to tie into the M3 when it enteres the republic. Maybe this was what the government meant when they included a motorway from Dublin to Derry in the NDP but not in Transport21

Yes, It would make alot of sense, and give te M3 a real purpose to exist! but at the moment the government can’t make their minds up on this.

1. One would say to use the M1 and turn off at newry
2. Another would say use the current N2, (which they are still commiting to upgrade) waste of money!
3. Use the N33 and use the N2 onwards to the A5 ( this S2 lane stretch is currently being upgraded at the mo) Doesn’t fit into the new propasal o D2 to the north does it? oh WHY???.

4. The M3 spur to Eniskillen onto the A5 (makes double sense) as it will serve Donegal and the entire North west of Ireland with direct motorway to Dublin. Secondly a spur would cost less money than upgrading the N2 to the border!

What do you people think? better ideas?

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