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This is one heck of an interesting debate. All sides of the argument have very interesting arguments. I am personally supportive of MN. I may not have facts and details and you may discard my post for reasons such as that. However I think the average person, including myself and especially residents in Dublin have seen the successes of the LUAS and DART. They may not have the facts and details but they are very grateful for the service. These projects may have cost a lot but it is more than just about predicted passenger numbers. It’s about a reorientation of transport to a more sustainable means. MN and LUAS and DART are more than just a service, they are an incentive to get people not just in the catchment area but others to consider change. I hope I am making sense. Simply put, arguments about numbers etc are very relevant but it is not just about numbers but it’s afect on society now and in the future.

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