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Fair point there are 2,600 spaces to be provided; assuming each car has 1.5 passengers that is about 3,900 passengers a day which comes to about 1.2m annual passengers. Another point worth considering is that 2,000 of the car spaces or 3,000 passengers are to park within 1 mile of an existing rail line at Donabate; why not just move the carpark close to mile?


The RPA predicted the numbers on Luas; I’ll take your word on that but two things I would like you to consider are firstly the population density of the Luas Route to Dundrum which is infinitely higher than the density to old Ballymun and secondly how many of the Red line passengers are using Luas to access Heuston Station and how many of them will continue to use it post interconnector?

My interpretation is that the passenger forecasts were done by the RPA; please correct me if I am wrong on this; as whatever way I look at the Metro North proposed catchment and following marmajam’s chuck it in anyway posts I’m pretty sure not a pensioner was missed.

I can’t get the population catchment as far as the Airport above about 54,000 and given the way the census records Swords as sprawling half way to Ballyboghill, and from looking at aeriel photos of so called inner Swords I can’t see a 1kms radius of the proposed alignment having a population above 20,000. But please do enlighten me if I have missed anything; it is however surprising that that no poplulation catchment was given; you would think that it would be the first variable stated.

Capacity is not straight forward; take the Jubilee line which is listed as having a capacity of 37,000 per hour; the two key sections of that route are Canary Wharf to Waterloo and the overlapping section of London Bridge to Baker Street; the route doesn’t really transport people in an origin to destination type of way for most users; it is more used for moving people from the rail terminus from the outer commuter segments of the network to their end destination.

Given that MN only connects the Maynooth line to Luas Red Line and the Interconnector and that demand at peak times for this connection looks to be less than 100 per peak hour surely a Luas connection from Ballymun in would suffice; with Swords and the Airport served from the Northern Line.

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