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I hate to post in this thread but I can’t let this go.@PVC King wrote:

the stated population density is 1,300 people per square kilometre on the route; taking 1 kilometre as being a realisitc walking distance the catchment of Metro North would be 34 square Kilometres which would give a catchment of 44,200 people

The stated population density of Dublin of 1300 is a gross figure that takes the entire city population and divides it by the city area. The areas around the stations for MN are of course at much higher density (the electoral districts around Dorset street are 10,000-20,000/sq km). Office workers do not show up on census results yet an individual building can have more than a thousand staff. 6,000 people work in the mater alone. If the catchment areas for the stations were really 1300/sq km it would be mad to build a metro.

The RPA accurately predicted numbers on the Luas A&B lines before opening. Luas is carrying 27m passengers on 25km of track or a million per km. The Luas A&B routes are far less promising than the metro, the capacity is lower and the service is considerably slower than the metro will be. The RPA is predicting that MN will carry nearly twice as many passengers per km of track and I expect it will.

MN: fast frequent grade separated train connecting the city centre, a large hospital, 2 luas lines, 2 dart lines, a university, an airport with more passengers than stansted, a disconnected satellite town with 30,000 people plus it opens several greenfield sites to sustainable development.

Right now we have roughly 60m DART+Luas journeys.
After MN, IC and Luas extensions we should have 170m DART+Luas passengers.

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