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The insanity of either wanting or believing that Swords will have a population of 100,000 in eleven years time hasn’t occured to you, marmajam?

We would need bad planning to continue on a massive scale for that to happen.

I don’t know anyone who cares about Dublin who wouldn’t love to have a metro North, South, East and West and Luas lines in all directions, but if we’re going to start undermining the proper planning of the city to fit in with unbalanced infra-structure choices, we’re not just going to be broke forever, we’re going to be living in a city that’s all arteries and no heart.

I couldn’t agree more and as the country emerges from a tough couple of years it is vital that value for money be delivered in all infrastructural spending. If you could have predicted GDP growth rates of 8% p.a., net in migration of 50,000 p.a. for another decade and if the GDA required 60,000 housing units a year anything could have stacked up.

When you start from a presumption of a requirement of 25,000 residential units a year for the entire metropolitian region then the priority clearly has to be linking up what already exists and enhancing the capacity of existing routes. There are so many obvious projects that stack up in any market such as Interconnector including electrification to Adamstown, the Luas link up, electrifying the Maynooth and Balbriggan rail lines. More QBCs to areas such as Ringsend; a Luas line into North West Dublin, Dart for Tallaght.

Unfortunately funding is going to be less abundant and in that context it is vital that growth be put into areas that are best placed to absorb it such as

North Wall/ East Wall
Ringsend/Barrow Street/Irishtown
Heuston/ St James’ St
Inchicore/Park West/Clondalkin
Tolka Valley
Summerhill/Killarney St
Rathmines/Harolds Cross

I fully agree that prioritising development on one corridor which has a density of 1,300 people per square kilometre at the expense of the rest of the City would be just wrong

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