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Grow up Ireland and India share the same colours in their national flag and nothing else.

34m is 93,150 passengers per day on a seven day week. The airport is at 20m and given the great deals Air Lingus are doing from Gatwick it doesn’t seem that it will be growing any time soon. No Airport in World has more than 45% of passengers using rail connections; those that acheive over 30%tend to have multiple rail lines to multiple destinations.

Taking 40% of 20m will give about 8m passengers.

2,600 car spaces will give a maximum of about 1.22m passengers

Allowing 5,000 Dublin Airport workers to MN gives a further 1.125m passengers

The population catchment according to the RPA is 44,200 people; explain how 44,200 people will deliver close to 24m passenger journeys in a Dublin specific context for a project date of 2016.

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