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The insanity of either wanting or believing that Swords will have a population of 100,000 in eleven years time hasn’t occured to you, marmajam?

We would need bad planning to continue on a massive scale for that to happen.

I don’t know anyone who cares about Dublin who wouldn’t love to have a metro North, South, East and West and Luas lines in all directions, but if we’re going to start undermining the proper planning of the city to fit in with unbalanced infra-structure choices, we’re not just going to be broke forever, we’re going to be living in a city that’s all arteries and no heart.

wanting’s got nothing to do with it.

100 years ago India had a population less than 200 million. Now it’s 1 billion.

Should they operate as if it’s at a more reasonable 200 million?

Maybe you think the M50 upgrade should be undone since the 1st version was planned for a more reasonable level of usage.
Personally I’m indifferentto whether there’s 10 million or a mere 500 living in Swords. But you have to plan for what is likely to happen. Utopias are nice but things tend to develop along the lines they already did in the past

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