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Well PVC

Let’s go over a few of your assertions from the MN and related issues.

Yesterday you tried to slip in an obselete report to back up an invented assertion.
A paper from 2003 that did not relate to the design under debate.

It was a bit like a schoolboy answering a Latin question in French hoping the examiner wouldn’t spot the difference.

In the education system you would be expelled in disgrace.

But let’s look a bit further. Because there’s more.

Previously to that you have asserted that:
Metro systems only run on the 3rd rail system.
That people would prefer to travel overground by tram through traffic and traffic lights rather than take a fast underground option.
That the interest on MN would be 7.5% (will be 5%)
That MN did not connect to anything.

That no CBA was done for MN (there’s 2)
That no other system can run on MN (designed to take Luas also)
That MN was only Luas (no it has 4 times capacity of Luas)

There’s more but that’ll do for now..

In fact when all your points are scrutinised they fall apart quicker than a candy floss in a bomb explosion.

You simply make up your facts.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I never read your numbers – I’d have no confidance in anything you come out with. I merely glance at the posts and point out the more glaring non sequitors and absurdities.

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