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Well ac1976, you were asked for any reference for your assertion that metro west had been shelved.

In spite of throwing various irrelevant references around like confetti covering everything from the petty cash receipts of the Bolivian Legion of Mary to the price of medicinal herbs in Mongolia you did not produce any reference whatsoever which supported your claim.

I don’t care what you or your dogs on the street know and neither do I care what link you dig up that could with the benefit of a genius’ imagination and lateral logic be construed as possibly related to transport somewhere in the world, I know for a fact that the planning application for metro west is being prepared right now by the RPA.
Any conclusions you jump to regarding the time frame for this project are merely you and your dogs opinion.
I don’t believe you even half understand the meaning of the references you dish out.
How did you come to the conclusion that when PP is obtained for MN,, an RPO will be needed?
You fail to understand the most basic issues related to these projects. You’d need intense training to get up to the level of a pub commentator.
Your posts are embarassing frankly.

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