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@marmajam wrote:

Oh I see you are banning non residents of Swords from using the Swords sction.

And for all time no matter what develops there 😀

Swords is projected to have a pop of 100,000 by 2020.

Annual house building in 2008 was 22,500 for the entire state; Swords has a population of 37,767, that leaves a population of 62,233 to be added by 2020. Total House production in the next decade will be 225,000 units are you saying that 13.83% (assuming double occupancy) of housing produced in the country will be in Swords?

@marmajam wrote:

You have failed to answer the question PVC.

Why did you introduce a document that did not refer to MN as designed?

a bit embarassing to admit you were bluffing?

Web searches turned up the document in question; the one you claim at 34m passengers could not be located; if you post the link I will comment on it; although I suspect it is a document the RPA don’t want in the public domain as it is “too commercially sensitive”.

Time for you to answer a question; are you saying that a population of 54,127 can produce 16.4m passenger journeys per year?

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