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@marmajam wrote:

PP is the ‘railway order’

there is no more cost on this.

your source for the shelving of metro west is ‘the dogs in the street’……….

I see.

I’m done with you. You’re simply making it up.

AS I said, the funding was withdrawn from the Metro West Railway Order project.
Read this, there is NO allocation for Planning Metro West this year.

There is no effort to find funding for the construction of Metro West (due to begin this year) This project is shelved.

The Department of Finance made that comment in relation to the cost of financing the MN project, this funding has not yet been secured so how on earth does anyone know how much it’s going to cost?

Marma you said the Planning for MW is going ahead! HOW when they have had their entire budget cut?
You said the full costs of MN are know, HOW when they have not secured finance? What is the Payment Schedule? how much a year does the tax payer have to pay and for how many years? NOBODY KNOWS YET!

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