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well construction on Metro West was due to start this year, but the Minister has delayed the publication of the Draft Railway order, with no new date, effectively halting the whole project for now.
That sounds like it’s on the shelf to me.

Also, the Minister went to the EIB to secure funding for the Metro North and Interconnector projects (no mention of any funding for Metro west)

So there are no plans for a Railway Order for now, and no efforts at securing funding.. hmmmmm
It ain’t gonna happen.
There is also a reasonable chance they wont even get funding for Metro North, the position of the Department of Finance speaks for itself:

Responding to suggestions that the Department of Finance does not support Metro North, a spokesman for the department said: “We do not have a principled objection to the metro, but we will have to see how much it costs. We have never said that we are against it, but it depends on how much it costs.”

Marmajam please note, the Government do not even know how much this thing will cost, ease up on PVC
I expect the DOF are referring not just to construction costs there and also how much the loan will end up costing

What we do know, is the rough costs used by the Cabinet at the time the decided on this project as opposed to the Dart spur.

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