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The figures in the Draft Railway Order are calculated based on a Metro Netowrk, i.e. with an interhange with Metro West aswell which is shelved, so the 35M passanger number is the potential passangers on the Metro North setion when ALL of transport21 is implimented, and there are specific references to the Interconnector and Metro West.
Without these the 35M number is not going to be achieved.
This number is also based on a massive 10M increase in passanger numbers at Dublin Airport, which is not likely to happen any more.

Considering that Metro West has been shelved and Luas lines delayed the 35M number is not going to be achieved before 2030. And if Metro North is built it will be difficult to extend it (with Metro West) while the 2bn or so loan is being paid back.

It’s also important to point out that the 35M number is not what they expect when it opens ( even with interconnector and Metro west) and this is the long term maximum capacity which is not going to be achieved.

The whole project was justified at the time as a Metro Network, it just doesn’t make sense on it’s own.

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