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oh you are still with us PVC

PVC, can you answer a straight question?

why did you try to back up your argument with a bogus document?

why did you refer to a defunct document that doesn’t apply to MN as designed?

you must have known that document didn’t apply.

did you think nobody would notice that PVC?

interestingly you’ve also ripped the knickers off Frank MacDonald’s campaign in the process.

His case is based on that same document. Which doesn’t refer to MN as designed.

That document is not meant for public perusal. Frankie has been using that as a source for his dreams of Luas down every street in Eire

Doesn’t look too clever now when exposed as irrelevant.

You have lied to be blunt and this document was only the latest. I’m busy today I’ll be back shortly with some of your other bluffs.

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