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@PVC King wrote:

Metro North does not intergrate anything; it intersects with Dart Interconnector (once Interconnector isn’t shelved because of the opportunity cost of Metro) the Maynooth line and two currently seperate Luas lines.

It integrates the way people in every other city expect it to – you can get from A to B without leaving the rail system. The Dart Interconnector plan also integrates this way by splitting the Dart line in two. Is that unacceptable to you too?

More importantly, it integrates in a way that allows connections but keeps the operation simple. Most modern metros have dedicated tracks and fleet per line to reduce the impact of a single line failure on other paths.

Luas to Ballymun at a cost of c€54m a mile (Luas BX) would produce exacxtly the same level of intersectability but would unlike Metro North actually intergrate the new line with two existing systems; a far superior outcome for the City Section.

Why exactly is it far superior?

@Peter Fitz wrote:

I don’t think anyone can defend the fact that metro north will terminate in the city centre.

I can easily. The other rail tracks (Dart, Suburban and Luas) that it connects with allow plenty of onward travel choices that cover a large part of the city. Yes, it’s a pity that places like Terenure aren’t covered but they will be in time. You can’t expect them to build a single metro line that covers the entire city. It would be unacceptably expensive. This is a good start.

@wearnicehats wrote:

excuse my ignorance but does integrated mean that all types of transport are integrated payment wise?

The RPA are currently tendering several contracts for a new integrated travel card that will, on lauch, work on Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Luas. Metro will be covered when it opens.

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