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@PVC King wrote:

Irish Rail are a rail company with over 50 years experience; their word is good enough;

So you accept their definition of “on time” do you? You accept that there were “no problems” with the Malahide estuary viaduct? you accept spending €200m+ on the WRC to ferry a few hundred pensioners a day? You accept the decade of inertia at Tara St station? You accept prioritising long distance commuter trains over Metropolitan services? You accept not being allowed to take your bike on a brand new train to Sligo? You accept their intercity fares?

Why the hell do you think the RPA came into existence in the first place?

Whatever about the merits of the substantive issue of this thread, to state “their word is good enough” in relation to Irish Rail will never ever go anywhere near to helping you win any argument

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