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where did the RPA mention 3bn?

or any cost?

you’ve been stitched up by Frankie MacDonald.

at 87m interest pa it is a little more than 2.50 Euros per ticket.
Pretty reasonable in 2016.

There is no metro system in the world barring Singapore that breaks even.

Any subvention will be very short lived – MN is for up to 200 years.

The bigger picture has to be addressed.

Poor quality public transport in Dublin is cited by investors as one of the main drawbacks to investing here.

You have to laugh at the idea of the RPA sneaking in some overpriced scheme while nobody is looking.

The project has been analysed to death in the DoT and by the OTC. The RPA can do nothing.

It did not occur to you that if your projected/invented sums meant an average ticket price of 6 Euros plus there might be a flaw in your calculations?

Dear me.

It’s glib to slag off our esteemed betters and ‘experts’ as if everything they propose is stupid but they are certainly no more stupid than braneless message board posters who think they know it all with just a bit of a quick think.

It’s difficult not to get somewhat personal in your case/ I happen to know enough about this project to see that you simply invent facts and data to back up your arguments.

There’s no end to it.

MN has benn CBAed on the CONSERVATIVE estimate of 34 million passengers per year.
Where did you get 23 million from?
It actually has the capacity to carry more than 100 million passengers per year.

Given that the DART and Luas have been much more successful than predicted it wouldn’t be wise to expect something different with a high quality facility like MN.

20 years after construction it will carry 50-60 million passengers per year.

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