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@marmajam wrote:

you miss the point.

We are getting MN at a very cheap price right now.

But you want to go back into a controversial uncertain planning process to buy something less- if it gets through planning – at premium prices in many years time.

PVC wrote:

“Irish Rail in their 2004 Rail Plan made the proposal to do this as part of the Dublin Rail Plan. They are railway professionals with the technical expertese in house to kniow what does and doesn’t work.”

In this case no – IE were offering their solution with an eye on extending their operations.

As usual you are spoofing.

The price of a Dart ticket is €2 – €3 all in; the interest cover cost on metro north is €4.35 per passenger; i.e. plus all operational costs. It is far from cheap and begs the question what in gods name were the rpa doing bandying about figures of €3bn only 12 months ago; or €6./50 per passenger journey. Simply ludicrous.

Irish Rail are a rail company with over 50 years experience; their word is good enough; there are 33m annual commuter passenger journeys they currently deliver. This is as you rightly say a petty turf war and the RPA have delivered a project that forfeits their right to the turf on the basis of this being far to expensive for the number of journeys it has the potential to deliver.

Please remove personality from your polemical rants

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