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@PVC King wrote:

The ability to buy a €2bn link to the airport when a €400m option exists would equally be possible

I’ll state openly that I believe Metro North is a good idea because it opens lots of new areas of Dublin to rail. I think that’s fundamentally more important that improving existing services because a network isn’t a network if it covers a tiny part of the city. The MN route also integrates lots of the Dart, Suburban and Luas lines helping to improve the network. Upgrades of Dart and lines to the airport achieve neither of this.

However, my main problem with your suggestion is that you keep comparing an (already overcrowded) airport branch serving nothing else with the metro line serving the Green luas line, the south city centre, the Red luas line, the north city centre, the Rotunda, Mater Misericordiae, Drumcondra, the Maynooth and PPT lines, Whitehall, Glasnevin, DCU, Ballymun, (potentially) Metro West, the airport and Swords. Oranges and apples doesn’t even come close!

1. A Dart spur for Swords c€200m
2. Luas for Ballymun c€350m
3. Dart spur for Tallaght c€200m
4. Dart upgrade to Maynooth c€200m??
5. Dart upgrade to Pace c€100m??
6. Dart spur to Portstown c€300m??
7. Dart upgrade to Balbriggan c€200??
8. Dart upgrade to Sallins and spur to Naas c€400m??

Have you got anywhere to back up those figures or are they your own estimates?

@highorlow wrote:

In this climate there must be justification for amalgamation of Irish Rail (maybe the projects / procurement section for starters) with the RPA with a view to cutting back on the costs of both of these Gov Agencies / Depts?

You mean put the RPA back where they came from? 😀

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