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The Tullamore bypass is essential as it is part of the n52 route which is the backbone of the Midlands Gateway. The road is currently in poor condition and is being up graded section by section from Nenagh to Dundalk. The N20 Cork-Limerick is definately going ahead It is at the constraints study/preliminary desian stage of developement

Of course!! sure every road is essential…

But I think your REALLY missing the big picture here. It goes ahead, cus Brian Cowen said so whether it’s essential or NOT. Tullamore bypass was not in the list of the government priorities last year, Brian cowen has a bigger wand to wave so…. This goes ahead…

Cork Limerick route has been in planning since the start of the decade. This route is one of the busiest routes in the country but as u said its still in planning. and you also stated the tullamore bypass is essential so tullamore get’s a bypass.

Also I could be wrong on this, but last time I passed by Tullamore, there was a bypass route that swings around the town, might not be as glorious as some,but it does the job of getting traffic out of the town.

If Brian Cown becomes Taoiseach, i’ll eat my arms…

P.S N52 smaller trucks, smaller road, smaller towns to go through smaller go to
N20 larger trucks, bigger towns to go through, bigger town go too.

Which should get priority this year BRIAN COWEN SAID THE N52 TULLAMORE, WAHEY!

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