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You forgot to factor in that these are todays prices. By the time your new bits get through appraisal/route selection/design/CPOs/EIS – maybe 7 years process – we will be back in seller’s market.The cost will be double.

After ignoring the fact that it costs money to run a metro; you know the stuff they print in Frankfurt, where they have a joined up underground system based on spine and branch. You display further financial illiteracy in not knowing that in costing any project you need to find a price that is based at Net Present Value. All of the projects I listed were submitted as optional extra’s; if the costs rose beyond viablility they would be removed from the agenda.

Critically the spine and branch has the flexibility to select and de-select bolt on’s; unlike the metro which you admit is not viable to Ballymun even as a Luas where a QBC is deemed adequate. Suvention of €6.74 a passenger per year to build a line that passes through areas that can’t justify a Luas in the majority of its existing population catchment.

I await Chairman Boyle’s stance on Nama before declaring unity within the Green Zone

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