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@PVC King wrote:

€2bn is being generous in terms of ability to hit a figure. The idea that almost 50% could be shaved off in a year is laughable; as we all know the RPA won’t release even an estimate based on a 20% variance range; even though construction margins on projects of this scale are less than 10%.

you like to posture using economic jargon…….

but look at this from a few posts ago from PVC:

1. A Dart spur for Swords c€200m
2. Luas for Ballymun c€350m
3. Dart spur for Tallaght c€200m
4. Dart upgrade to Maynooth c€200m??
5. Dart upgrade to Pace c€100m??
6. Dart spur to Portstown c€300m??
7. Dart upgrade to Balbriggan c€200??
8. Dart upgrade to Sallins and spur to Naas c€400m??

You forgot to factor in that these are todays prices. By the time your new bits get through appraisal/route selection/design/CPOs/EIS – maybe 7 years process – we will be back in seller’s market.The cost will be double.

Another schoolboy howler.

Are all your figures bluffs PVC?

Outside of your numerological bubble, in the real world decisions have to be made.
DCC, Fingal CC, the Dept of Transport, The Taoiseach, are firm on it. The CFI are behind it The Greens have made their support conditional on MN going ahead and the Dept of Finace are comfortable with the tenders.

We have seen non stop schoolboy howlers, bluffing, inventing facts – do you want me to ressurect your previous sad contributions that litter this and the MN thread.

Be embarrassing PVC………..

I suspect that those actually appraised of the real figures – not those garbled in a bluffers pretend economics – might be in a better position than you to judge.

Harsd to see how you can sideline the above and get a new set of plans through in the teeth of opposition from those main players who are happy with the current plan.

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