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Where did you get your 2bn for MN?
It is incorrect.
The contract will be signed for approx 1.75bn.

Luas to Ballymun makes no sense. There’s no need for it. The buses do a very good job.
The Luas through Ballymun was really for the airport and Swords.

It is not feasible to funnell all the airport/Swords and Nth Fingal rail traffic through the DART/Nth Line corridor to Connolly/Docklands.
It stymies develpment already underway in the airport/Swords locale.

The idea that every 5 years into the planning process we should cancel everything and make a new back of an envelope plan based on the latest Daily Mail economic take of events is not real world stuff.

PVC started off with the argument that MN would cost 5bn with 10% interest repayments.

In fact it will be 1.75bn at approx 5%.

87m a year. More than covered by revenue projected at 100m+ in 2016.

And not even payable until built in 2016.

Inflation after that will render the repayments small beer very quickly. MN will drive economic development in the Nth/NW Fingal area for 150-200 years. There will be more recessions and booms.

The idea that MN is some sort of low capacity tram is also incorrect. It will have 4 times the capacity of Luas – there are many grades of Metro/light-heavy rail syste4ms in operation around the globe. MN is appropriate for Dublin.

Any costs during construction will be more than covered by SS savings, VAT and income tax.
The project is ready to go and will give an important stimulus to the economy.

All the guff about DART lines here there and everywhere – given the Irish planning process…………pure fantasy.

Get real. As the actress said to the property developer.

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