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In 2004, the government commited to the Metro North project.
At the time its cost was estimated at 2.4 Billion
Also at the time Irish Rail proposed an overground Dart spur from Howth line to the Airport
The Dart Spur was costed at 400 Million at the time, considerable cheaper than the Metro.

The Government chose Metro, a critical part of their justification at the time was that it sould be part of a wider metro network.

It’s hard to believe that Metro ever got the go-ahead the cost benefit analysis seems to have been disregarded for some (political) reason.

Anyway, the whole transport 21 plan is based on the DTO “A Platform for Change” strategy and a heavy ammount of political influence.

The good news is that the DTO are reviewing this strategy and its progress and will publish a new strategy in about 6 months time.
In the meantime the Misister for Transport seems to be desperate to get the Metro North project up-and-running, (I believe they are currently working on the funding for this)

The Metro and Interconnector and the transport21 strategy are all part of the current Program for Government, this is were the transport Minister draws his powers to force it through form. I can’t imagine if there was an election anytime soon that Metro would survive it, and it’s already been butchered as the Metro West has been shelved. Without Metro West the justification used by the government for Metro North is invalid and surely the whole Metro project needs to be reviewed?

Anyway politically it’s easy to see the Dart Undergound / Interconnector is the new star project from transport21!

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