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Marmajam if you have nothing to say then don’t post. You no doubt are attempting justify the overpriced and poorly routed metro north project. If you could have built a credible argument it would have been accepted; you have however failed to do so.

It is likely that the Interconnector will be built; there is no harm in discussing potential combinations of new spurs from existing rail lines when the capacity arrives to ramp up services on what will in terms of rerouting options create a new dawn for Irish rail commuting.

As many contributers have stated before; we all want to see a viable network that serves all the key desinations; the key word being viable. The Metro North stated demand of 23m annual passengers at a cost of €2bn does not acheive viability; the costs work out at €87 per annual passenger journey in the crude or occiaional measure or €39,130 per commuter assuming 45 weeks with 5 return journeys in each week.

Contrast this to the Interconnector which trebles capacity and if alternative routes are added demand from the existing 33m p.a.x. to 100m p.a.x. add another €1bn for ancillary extensions to Tallaght, Porterstown. Airport and Swords to create that demand and the figures come back at €45 per occaisional journey and €20,149 per commuter; a figure of €10,000 – €15,000 per residential unit in residential development levies or 5% of gross value are not overly punative once a functional housing market returns. In contrast to hit a 50 – 75% recovery rate Metro North would need €20,000 – €30,000 per residential unit which given the demographic much of the lines passess through i.e. areas close to the Airport, M50, Ikea etc is simply unrealistic.

In terms of running costs the wider network would be a lot cheaper as most of it utilises existing assets and it provides a better pricing model in terms of the airport where a premium service could be spun off in the way that Ferrovial hold the Heathrow Express franchise.

If you could be mature enough to stop posting childrens photo’s I suspect you might have something decent to contribute; the question is do you have the maturity?

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