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For the Interconnector to really maximise its potential it is felt that the Metro West alignment should be looked at for the provision of Dart spurs from the Kildare line; what would it cost to develop spurs to say Tallaght and Porterstown to further increase loadings and in the case of the latter provide a second routing for services from West Dublin should service be disrupted in the inteconnector due to say a passenger incident.

Agreed, there are just too many people in agreement on here to be honest. That seems like a no-brainer. The Metro west would need to be scrapped as its a different mode of transport to Dart i.e. the track gauge is not the same so they never actually connect.

Building spurs from the new DART line would be much better and make more economic sense, including (as Irish Rail proposed themselves) a spur from the Howth Line to the Airport.
The interconnector really does make this all clear.

Interconnector = extending DART services and you get proper frequent urban transport
Metro = well and irish kind of metro which would not resemble they Metro in any other city as there would be low frequency and under capacity and it would need to be heavily subsidised making its extension impossable.
DART spurs = sharing the new DART experience with more of the city.
Throw in a few more Luas lines (and I dont see a need for one to Lucan as a spur would be so much better) and you have a proper transport plan for Dublin that can grow with the City.

One more point, we tend to throw in park-and-ride around the place, which is not a bad idea, but its kind of stupid not to provide proper bike-and-ride facilities beside them. Cycling being free would have a built-in incentive.
A few safe cycle paths, locked bike storage with cctv etc maybe options for cages/lockers to rent for the day too, and of course a water fountain to replenish yourself before you continue on.

If you took just the money for Metro North and spent it on these kind of things you would get so so much more for the city.

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