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@PVC King wrote:

When the people driving the public transport enhancement agenda at opinion piece level are against a particular scheme purely on blatent cost grounds you really do feel the writing is on the wall for that project.

That bunch aint driving anything, they pedal nowhere anyway being environmentalists.
They are just commentators and observers, although mighty influential at that.

The problem they present is that the benefits of Metro are little, and we will end up with infrequent half empty trains as the population density in Dublin is not right for Metro, and they are right, you would probably get 7 or 8 complete new Luas lines for the cost of Metro North alone, not to mention seriving many times more homes that the later with a better service.

A service every 15 – 30 mins is not what people would imagine a Metro to be, but thats what you might get unless u are prepared to run near empty trains, how crappy would that be!

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