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@PVC King wrote:

As you more pertininetly point out the real gains are in densification; a key component of this will be switching land use on existing rail lines from industrial to mixed use. Examples include the area between Inchicore Works and Clondalkin, Dublin Industrial Estate D11, Baldoyle Ind Est D13; East Wall as well the other areas listed above such as Guiness.

You’ve listed some excellent examples. One of the many merits of the dart underground is the direct link it provides to the Parkwest and Fonthill stations.

@gunter wrote:

The CIE Inchicore Works residents with fight to the death to prevent their middle-class enclave being joined by a medium density public transporation hub that links to the rest of Inchicore and, horrow of horrors, Ballyfermot!.

Nothing to worry about. Lots of the good middle-class residents in the CIE Inchicore Estate are in favour of the urban regeneration of the CIE Inchicore Railway Works. There’s 80 acres in the Railway Works and it’s ripe for medium density development. CIE are scaling down their maintenance operations there. A lot of the site is made up of open space ! There’s many low grade poor quality warehouse structures. The site also contains some Victorian industrial buildings of significant architectural quality which could be redeveloped very tastefully. It’s an urban planners dream – a real high quality urban quarter could be created. The Inchicore Dart Station will be in the geometric centre of the CIE Inchicore Railway Works – very good forward planning.

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