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Fair enough, but what if in 50 years time we want to do this and beacuse it wasn’t planned for, i.e. the tunnel portal not being in Heuston it costs 10’s of billions and we end up with a compromised solution in the process!
Plan now!

My point is whatever plan we have should be easily extendable in the future.
Anyway if you remove the need to tunnel from Heuton to Inchicore it probable wouldn’t cost much extra to turn the Interconnector into a circle.

One of the many advantages of locating tunnel portal in Inchicore is that it removes the need to four track in the gullet beside the N4 between Heuston and Inchciore.

I disagree with you ac1976: I cannot see how locating the interconnector tunnel portal in Inchicore is going to add any significant costs if in 50 years time a decision is made to turn the interconnector into a full underground circle-line.

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