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I obviously can’t speak for the costs or practicalities, but a circle line would seem to be the ideal situation. The rejuvenation of so many areas on the northside of the river could be triggered with metro stations, and rather than the entirely artificial quarters like Spencer Dock and Point Village, artisans and craftsmen and smaller, less mainstream cultural attractions could be rediscovered by the rest of the city simply by providing such easy access from an underground.

Undergrounds do so much more to bring life and status and an audience to places than buses or even trams. In my opinion they are the ultimate form of public transport – bypassing traffic and geography, compressing the entire city into a psychological space small enough so as to feel completely accessible at any given time.

– Also, are we expecting Metro North, West and the Interconnector (or at least North and the Interconnector) to come under a single, unified brand? Eg. Dublin Metro or what have you? It’s not going to be “take the luas to the interconnector then take that to such-and-such and switch to metro north and up to o’connel st station” rather than “take the metro to OCS station” is it? xD

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