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Ireland is not ready for a full circle…
It should be about crossing the city fast and key people nodes…
I would buy a shorter route or other short lines but not a full circle it’s a massive waste of resources… even the current docklands/pearse connection seems a bit rich considering there is bugger all there… the only way to take full advantage of the glass bottle and north wall is a circle line maybe in another 50 years…

Fair enough, but what if in 50 years time we want to do this and beacuse it wasn’t planned for, i.e. the tunnel portal not being in Heuston it costs 10’s of billions and we end up with a compromised solution in the process!
Plan now!

My point is whatever plan we have should be easily extendable in the future.
Anyway if you remove the need to tunnel from Heuton to Inchicore it probable wouldn’t cost much extra to turn the Interconnector into a circle.

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