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I have to agree sometimes people get too personal on here.
I have to say I appreciate Ruadhans reply on here, and in terms of transport21 there are definitely issues to be addressed.

How about marrying the Interconnector with Ruadhan’s plan, i.e. interconnector surfacing at Heuston without any turnback facility but instead continuing on through the PPT to server stations in Cabra Phibsborough Croke Park Spencer Dock Pearse Stephens Green Christchurch etc etc
At no poing would any station be more than 10 mins from the City Center, and being a full circle line would offer the maximum integration with other lines/modes of transport.

Even if this is not done now, should that not be the ultimate goal of the interconnector?
To interconnect all of Dublin, and ALL modes of transport, not just the interests of IR?

Is it possible?

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