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Hutton is complaining about ‘insults’

Here’s one of Hutton’s exemplary and measured reasonings:

Hutton wrote:
CIE are planning on spending €100m on this office spec development scheme – while acres of office space is empty, and An Bord Snip proposes saving €55m by closing 240km of railways around the country? Fuckwits

And despite the scheme being higher than Liberty Hall, they cannot provide toilets for passengers because of the “confined” nature of the site?? FFS.

Somebody please abolish Irish Rail and CIE – this is clearly a public sector body that has got out of control, and is more interested in wasteful distractions as opposed to its core business. Get rid of them.

Finally just a quick reminder as to what custodians CIE are in the city centre with properties under their, eh, “care” –…2&postcount=10

Note their employees private cars parked up in their depot, while they continue to dump buses onto Parnell and Mountjoy Squares. You just couldn’t make it up – 9 buses are now regularly parked back-to-back on Parnell Square alone. Also note the disgraceful condition of Broadstone Station.

Save Irish railways + public transport: Abolish CIE now.

Half your posts seem to involve a lot of foaming at the mouth.

Would you run along sonny and don’t be annoying me.

Mise le meas,

Chuck Higgar-Law

pa GOD (Gaels of Dublin)

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