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(1) It was wishful thinking by Maher that passengers wanted to go to Docklands.. Reality has disillusioned them. As said before the off peak Maynooth line trains have been axed.
(2)The 100m for Tara St will not be supplied by IE.
(3)Again why go on a DMU olde Dubline cruise to Spencer Dock for an exhibition of train reversing when you can get the Luas to Connolly for Northern trains.
(4)Half baked compromises like this are a plague on the Gael of Dublin.

There are other irrational points but I’m fed up with this PP tunnel circular argument.

What comes across is this: One of our pub transport economists spotted the PP tunnel. Then all logic is shoehorned into a convoluted plan to find some way to use it.

As per usual marmajam, you respond by insult – “pub economist” – simply because you disagree with another’s point of view. MacEoin states he has believed this for a number of years; what gives you the right to assert mischievously he just “spotted” it?

You have also failed to address the points raised.

1) Regarding Maynooth trains to Spencer Dock being axed, perhaps if those trains went on somewhere – such as onto the northern line as suggested, and linked into Red Luas as will happen and was stated in the article – it may well be of use. Instead you ignore the key point about the lines disgracefully being left disconnected, and the pools of population left un-catered for in the North Inner-city, despite the railways being present.

2)Your beloved €100m office block will not be supplied by anyone. Show me the money, and where Shelborne – or anybody else – has given an iron-clad commitment to build it. Until then it is your fantasy in the same way Transport 21 was Martin Cullen’s fantasy.

3 + 4) There’s little point responding to your infantile quips regarding “olde world cruise”, other than noting DMUs and tracks are therein a densely populated area and are not being put to use.
Regarding your “plague on the Gael of Dublin” reference, it would seem appropriate that yourself and Linog with his/ her “notorious grandson of Connolly” reference (whatever that’s about) should get together and form some sort of Fantasy Irish History League. Somewhere else. This site is about architecture and planning – peculiarly based obscure insults at others would therefore seem to be of little relevance.

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