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(1) It was wishful thinking by Maher that passengers wanted to go to Docklands.. Reality has disillusioned them. As said before the off peak Maynooth line trains have been axed.
(2)The 100m for Tara St will not be supplied by IE.
(3)Again why go on a DMU olde Dubline cruise to Spencer Dock for an exhibition of train reversing when you can get the Luas to Connolly for Northern trains.
(4)It’s not so expensive or difficult to engineer the reconfiguration of thePP line into Connolly. The problem is there’s no capacity for these services.
This problem cannot be wished away.
(5)Half baked compromises like this are a plague on the Gael of Dublin.

There are other irrational points but I’m fed up with this PP tunnel circular argument.

What comes across is this: One of our pub transport economists spotted the PP tunnel. Then all logic is shoehorned into a convoluted plan to find some way to use it.

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