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This sounds a bit like the platform 11 crowd, but is this really possible? Can it be so simple?
From the Sunday Times:

Think tank: Radical departure for Dublin rail plan
Irish Rail loves to spend big, but there is a cheaper way to connect the capital

the platform11 anoraks have an absolute fetish for the 8th wonder of the world the PP tunnel.
this plan is so ridiculous it’s not even wrong. but like our old friend hydra, no matter how many times decapitated, come monday morn it’s back again reincarnated by some gormless journo.

one problem is: why in the name of all that’s bad and unholy would anybody coming from the Kildare direction go on a 25 min magical mystery tour to a docklands timbucktoo station when they can get the Luas from Heuston to OCS taking 10 mins.
IE has surveyed this and 90% plus said they would get out at Heuston and get the Luas.

In reality you could walk to OCS quicker from Heuston than going via the PP tunnell (speed redtricted lines) to Docklands and then finding your way back to the CC.
IE has already scrapped the off peak Clonsilla trains to Docklands because the trains were arriving with no passengers.
Nobody wants to go there.
Neither does anybody other than the one passenger and his dog want to go to Phibsboro from Heuston.
If you knew anything about this part of the city this would be clear to you.
Nor can the PP trains get into Connolly which has no capacity for more services..

This author of this ‘hold on I have the answer to everything’ article could have saved making himself look like a fool if he’d made a phone call to IE for their take on it.

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