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Doesn’t solve the loopline issue of providing two ways to cross the Liffey within the core of the commercial district; the genius that is the genisis of the interconnector is that it removes Northern Line trains from the common section of the network before Maynooth line trains enter the common section. 3 routes into a single linear route simply doesn’t work; particularly when diesil trains accelerate/decelerate at roughly 1 minute per station more slowly than electric trains. Since the Maynooth route was extended beyond Copnnolly Dart capacity has slumped and to add Kildare trains into the mix; looks like deficit solving by crayon.

Moving Kildare trains from Heuston to Spencer Dock would simply move commuters from being too far West of the City Centre to being too far East of the City Centre. What is required is to get people where they want to go i.e. Christchurch, Stephens Green, Merrion Sq/TCD and Docklands. But more critically the number of trains going between Barrow Street and Newcommen Junctrion (Royal Canal) needs to be reduced dramatically.

I get the impression the author of the article has after years of complaining about CIE’s billboard portfolio, misunderstood both the commercial arrnagement between Shelborne and CIE on Tara St and not done his research on why the interconnector was proposed. It is a supply side argument that both enhances North-South Capacity and opens up a large development corridor from Heuston out to the county border and beyond.

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