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@Yixian wrote:

As far as I know that’s what’s coming into effect next year with the Mayor at the centre of all of it, hopefully bringing consistency to all these projects.

The more power that Mayor has and the bigger the turn out for his/her election, the better, this could really benefit Dublin hugely.

There’s no need for a Mayor when the objectives have already been set for these projects, we just need a single authority to deliever them.

The current (and soon to be replaced in october) program for Government sets 2012 as the year of the first directly elected Mayor for Dublin, but I dont see why we should wait for this as the transport authority structure is the only thing holding up the integration of these projects. Deal with the problem and stop with the distractions.

Setup the Transport Authority, the structure of which has already been decided and transfer power to it! Now, and no more messing around.

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