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The Oyster Card in London is an example of how any integrated ticketing system should work. It’s brilliant.

Customers using it know they can travel The Tube, Trams, Docklands Light Rail, Buses, Top Trains (ex British Rail), and get discounts on water buses using the Thames.

You simply purchase an Oyster Card for an initial fee of £3 and then top it up with as much as you want.

Journeys using Oyster also work out less than paying cash at a machine or ticket office.

And a fare capping system ensures that you don’t pay more in any one day than the equivalent cost of a one day Travelcard. So after a few journeys in one day the card effectively gives you free travel until 5am the following day.

Dublin is still scratching it’s balls while thinking about something it heard once called smartcards.

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