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To be honest in many areas, particularly transport, Dublin would benefit from having a strong mayoral local government. This has done wonders from London, absolute wonders.

I’d also like to see a city planner as good as this for Dublin:

Dublin has the opportunity to learn from everything London is doing right at the moment, without being lumbered with so much of what sadly ruins that city. I really want to see Dublin do that and strike a balance between a city like London and a city like Copenhagen.

Nationwide integrated ticketing, when implemented, is going to be just… brilliant. I mean yeah, excellent, that is just the sort of thing a country like Ireland should be doing. Everyone benefits and it makes all our lives that much smoother.

Irish infrastructure has, I think we all have to admit, turned out pretty damn good, even if it’s still got a ways to go. Dublin airport in my opinion is excellent, far better than the appalling messes of Heathrow and Gatwick. The DART might not be the prettiest light rail system in the world but it does it’s job admirably. The Luas is decent.

The biggest issue is that lack of integrated ticketing, and as a visitor you never really know whether to take the bus or tram and to which stop to get to where you want to go, so that needs to be addressed.

I’m hoping the metro has stop at all the top areas: O’Connell St, St Stephen’s Green, Docklands, College Green etc. That will really do Dublin the world of good for tourists, let me tell you.

It’s a shame to hear that work on Metro North won’t begin until 2011 probably, they really need to get the whole metro done before 2013/2014…

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