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Taking the distances considered acceptable at Heathrow to make terminals 1 and 3 from Heathrow Central and a walk from the end of Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 are extremely modest. In terms of the buildings all you have down there are the redundant Air-Cargo terminals built in 1987 which are hopelessly dated and Air Lingus don’t even do Cargo anymore since they morphed into a low cost carrier.

Redundant? Out-dated? How so? From working in the airport I saw first hand how busy all those cargo buildings get! (and Aer Lingus still deal with cargo). The Aer Lingus cargo building also processes cargo for other airlines. (They used to do all the UPS cargo for the company I used to work for). Also how exactly is a warehouse “hoplessly out-dated”? :confused: They aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, but they are perfectly functional.

There is also a ‘ghost’ underground train station beneath the 1950’s passenger terminal building (T1). It’s never been used for anything bar storage. But is quite extensive and has twin bore tunnels extending out under the building in the direction of the M1. I’m not exactly sure how far they go though!

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