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All current plans for the Eastern bypass envision a tunnel and it’s hard to argue against that, not least because of the unbelievable planning difficulties that would arise in building it across the bay.
Somewhere along the line, the surface roadway proposed would have to be integrated to the existing M50 requiring a massive completely surface-based interchange.
There is also a serious question of where would you bring the road to land without razing a huge amount of houses. Do you bring it back to existing dry land at Dun Laoghaire, Bray or somewhere in between? And if so, what gap do you use?
Also, I don’t think the issue is building one or the other.
The Eastern Bypass and a second orbital motorway (perhaps the M100) are both badly needed to cater for current traffic needs, aside from what may arise in the future. Aside from that, other topics worth considering are a second international airport and container port in the Greater Dublin Region, both of them on the outer M100.
This country needs to start thinking in terms of catering to a population of probably 6 million people by 2020. Public transport initiatives are required but there’s not a single piece of the motorway programme that isn’t also necessary.

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