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@ctesiphon wrote:

Plus: Braess’s Paradox might be relevant here?

Now thats a theory and a half…Theres a lot of merit to it, in that reducing options can indeed speed up traffic – as would seem to be the case with DCCs inner orbital routing of traffic around the city, as opposed to thru the city as was the case.

Regarding Frank Taylor’s point, I too am against urban motorways as they destroy the environment – hence my second paragraph. However if the M Way was routed as a tunnel from Sandyford to Booterstown with no (or only one) junctions, ie an actual bypass, and no dodgy Jackson way type rezonings, and thus onto the port, then surely there would be a lot of pros; think about it – 10 km of primarily tunnel as opposed to 80 km of greenfield destruction which is what theyre currently looking at… Maybe its not ideal, but it would certainly strike me as the lesser of two evils.

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