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I don’t think urban motorways are good for cities. They divert far less traffic away from the city compared to the quantity of new local car journeys they encourage. Urban motorways either operate as large car parks like the M50/M25 or else (if built to a sufficient capacity for freeflow) they have a huge knock on effect on local traffic feeding the back bone. Consequences: pollution road deaths more atomised unpleasant city. If the eastern bypass were built I would use it all the time because I am as lazy as the next guy.

Sadly, the more viable car transport becomes, the less viable public transport becomes. Building a motorway along the same route as the DART will draw passengers away and make the train less popular.

As for building stuff in Dublin Bay, I agree 100%. The bird sanctuary is indeed a modern manmade invention. It looks awful. The birds have only been there around 150 years. The new mud islands are not the most impressive structures.

I would like to see land reclaimed to the East of the maritime DART stations, that lose half their catchment area to the sea. Blackrock, Booterstown, Seapoint, Monkstown. This land would be used for car free housing and shops. DART should be increased to frequency at least as good as the luas and the level crossings and diesel-train-from-rosslare farce should be eliminated.

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