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I don’t think Drogheda is suitable for the DART really – it’s too far out. If it had the DART, trains would be forced to stop at every station into Connolly, leading to slow travel times. I think a better option would be DART to Balbriggan, with an extra express track (or, ideally 4 tracks) to Howth junction. This would allow express Drogheda services to the city, that could skip all the stops between Howth Junction and Connolly, without impacting the DART.

Eventually, along with Metro North, I think Irish Rail should aim for separate, dedicated DART and intercity tracks, between Connolly and Donabate, with a spur to the airport.

I do agree that Irish Rail are making a complete balls of the Dublin Commuter services – they could be so much better with an improved timetable, integrated ticketing and good customer service.

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