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Nice speech about…well… about nothing really. €4b just to make things nice a complete looking ay? Can’t have a C road? No, it has to be a full ring. It look good on a map.

i’m not one of those let’s build roads everywhere

humm… are you sure about that :rolleyes:

And yet there is not a single mention about public transport. Do you not think that spending that same €4b on public transport won’t do a better job. You don’t think a DART out to Kildare town and Drogheda won’t help to ease congestion.

Irish Rail wants to do this but the Government cheapskate this plan under Transport 21 and only went as far as Balbriggan on the Drogheda line and as far as Hazlehatch on the Kildare line saving themselves around €300m in not doing so.

I know a great way to ease traffic congestion around Dublin, Why not build more roads to encourage more cars to use them. Heaven forbid providing an alternative to the car which might mean less cars on the road and therefore less congestion on the existing roads. 😎

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