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The eastern bypass is vital for the infastructure of Dublin. i’m not one of those let’s build roads everywhere. But this single project would give Dublin a proper orbital road. It will not only relieve traffic for the Westlink as the only alternative to avoid the city centre, but it will ease citybound traffic from the west using the North approaches to the city. When you can have another eastern bypass allowing greater capactiy and proper integration of through traffic from one side of the city, to a circular route. It’s actually a lung for the city. It will also give greater access for the southern suburbs to the North without having to go through the city, or travel all the way around the busy M50 to go via M1 and the North or visa versa.

This bypass is not just some road project. It’s vital to complete the Motorway infastructure. We have very few motorways in our capital city. All our car traffic cannot depend on the M50 in the near future. If the westlnk breaks down, the city comes to a complete standstill. Having an eastern bypass and having a full orbital allows greater traffic movement throughout the city. Our city is like most European cities with narrow streets, and cannot handle motor traffic, but there is absaloutely nothing farce about building this road project. It doesnt have any impact on the city other than taking traffic out of the city Not only that this bypass will take thousands of vehicles on other areas, that currently trundle through inchicore, Davitt road, south circular, Ringsend, Ballsbridge, Sandymount, Pearse street, Dunlaoighre and even bridges like Matt talbot bridge, which is congested on most part’s of the day. All these areas, have traffic that would use the eastlnk bypass.

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